Synister, Kohra

ALPHA09 Cover

Track List -

  1. Dub Therapy
  2. Molecular Grind
Artist :
Synister, Kohra
Series :
Label :
Liquid Drop Groove
Catalog :
Date :

Mastered by NESS at Green Studio Sofia
Artwork by Qotaroo




The first release of 2023 is comes as part of the ALPHA Series.
We are pleased to welcome Synister (IN) and Kohra who happen to be two prominent artists from India.
The two have both had a long standing career in the growing scene of the country and happened to move to Goa around the same time a few years ago.
This is where they met and started jamming at Synister’s O3 Studio which eventually led to the birth of a few cuts including these.
We are thrilled to present this debut collaboration that focuses on the deeper and more hypnotic spectrum of psychedelic techno.
The two tracks are equally aimed for the mind as much as they are for an energetic dance floor.

Qotaroo’s minimalist artwork is in tune with the soundscape.
The build-up of the dance floor is expressed with colors, line thickness, and gradation,
creating a sense of flow. ALPHA is based on the visual concept of lines.