LDG Channel: Mix Series 05

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LDG Channel: Mix Series
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サイケデリックやインテリジェンスな音楽をテクノのフォーマットで表現、拘り抜いたアーティスト選定がコンセプトとなるLDG Mix Seriesの第四弾は、Luke Slaterに見出された逸材にして、トランシーテクノの礎を作ったレーベルの一つ、スペインNon SeriesのオーナーPsykが登壇です!


Psychedelic groove and Intelligence taste in Techno format. The final concept of “LDG Mix Series” is sound of carefully selected artists.

The fourth of the Mix Series is Psyk, who was discovered by Luke Slater and is the owner of Non Series in Spain. One of the labels that laid the foundation for trancy techno. Finally appears on LDG’s Mix Series.

Psyk has played at LDG three times, most recently at WOMB this past July for the EDEN teaser. This mix is a two hour set, recorded live at that time, it was the closing by Psyk that creates drama with a consistent groove and edgy phrasing throughout, leading to a great landing. We hope you will enjoy the groove!